Daniel 9

The Determined Time

Overspeading of Abominations

27c “and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

"the overspreading of abominations" - ‘overspreading’ refers to a bird spreading its wings, or the spread of an army encampment. The idea behind it is to cover completely, from one end to another. The base word literally means to be thrust into a corner. The idea seems to be that abominations will be spread out and stuffed into every corner of the city and temple. It is a most remarkable description of Jerusalem at the time of its demise. Every nook and cranny of the city was filled with abominations.

To recount the 'abominations' committed by the people in the holy city and the temple would be quite an extensive list. However, I will enumerate just a brief list to show how far the abominations spread out and filled every corner.

  • Of course, the first and foremost abomination was the denial, rejection and crucifixion of their own Messiah, the Prince of Life. This alone would be sufficient.
  • Those who adopted and followed the pharisaic traditions, committed the abomination of setting the Word of God aside and making it void in the lives of the people. Men's traditions became more important than the Word of God.
  • During the seige and the war itself, the city for a great period was divided into three camps, each under the leadership of rebels who distained God, His prophets and their fellow Jews.
  • The temple itself was filled with the blood of its own citizens. Josephus describes this bloodshed in so very many places. Here are just a few.
    • Concerning the rebels, Josephus said, "these men rushed upon these holy places in their armor, that were otherwise unapproachable, and that while their hands were yet warm with the blood of their own people which they had shed; nay, they proceeded to such great transgressions."[Wars 6.2.3]
    • Titus himself said,"Why do you trample upon dead bodies in this temple? and why do you pollute this holy house with the blood of both foreigners and Jews themselves?" [Wars 6.2.4
    • "Now round about the altar lay dead bodies heaped one upon another, as at the steps going up to it ran a great quantity of their blood, whither also the dead bodies that were slain above [on the altar] fell down." (Wars 6.4.6)
    • Speaking of when the Romans gained access to much of the city and began to go house to house, "When they were come to the houses to plunder them, they found in them entire families of dead men, and the upper rooms full of dead corpses, that is, of such as died by the famine;" [Wars 6.8.5]
    • To show the extent of the abominable barbarity that the people had been reduced to, Josephus recounts the story of a noble woman, who cooked and ate her own son. [Wars 6.3.4] This was foretold by Moses in Deut. 28:56-57.

This is just a small sampling of some of the horrors, desecrations and abominations that had spread to every corner of the city and the temple. This is not even mentioning the murdering of the high priest, the rebels dressing as women and committing acts of "intolerable uncleanness."

Because of this abomination-filled city, “he shall make it desolate.” Again, the “he” can only be the Messiah Prince. He will make it desolate, even unto its consummation. ‘Consummation’ here means complete destruction, consumption, annihilation.

In His last visit to the temple, before His death, did He not say, "Behold, your house is left unto you desolate."

Because Jerusalem and its people have become filled to the brim with abominations, He will make it desolate even to its complete destruction and annihilation. This was perfectly fulfilled in AD 70, which Josephus also testifies to this extreme destruction.