End of the World

& The Last Days

In Four Parts

Whether is it an asteroid screaming toward earth, a super-virus ravaging mankind, a zombie apocalypse, or a super volcano throwing earth into a nuclear winter, we are fasinated by the prospect of the world, as we know it, coming to a devastating end. It certainly makes for great movies, with some awesome special effects. Have you ever wondered why we seem to be mesmerized by the thought of our own extinction? Why does Hollywood seem to be so taken with the idea? Is it only for money, or is there something else going on here?

Christians and non-Christians alike have adopted a pop-eschatology, made popular by C.I. Scofield, beginning in 1907. The originator of this ideology was John Darby, who cut, pasted, and stitched together an eschatology from various writers and teachers of his day and the past, to settle into a form, called Premillennial Dispensationalism. However, I call it Scofieldism, named for the frontman, used by Zionists to push it first into the Church, then the world. It is a Jewish-centric ideology and comes as a packaged deal. In other words, if you accept one aspect of it, you are obligated, or at least expected, to receive all of its beliefs. It is worth noting that it is the only eschatology that must have its own Bible to push its narrative. No one would reach the conclusions and beliefs that it does, simply by reading a normal Bible. You need its notes to lead you into its ditch. No other eschatology has its own Bible, except Scofieldism.

It goes something like this.

  1. The world will be brought under the control of a one-world government and monetary system.
  2. At some point, a man will rise to lead this one-world system. He is known as, the Antichrist.
  3. This Antichrist will require everyone to receive a mark on their hands or foreheads, in order to participate in the one-world economic system. Without this mark, you will be essentially a non-person, and possibly beheaded.
  4. The Antichrist will make a seven-year agreement with Israel, wherein he will agree to or authorize the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. This will include the reinstituing of the Sinai sacrificial system.
  5. However, in the midst of this seven-year agreement, he will enter the temple, putting a stop to the sacrifices. He will then place himself as the focus of worship, by sitting in the temple's Holy of Holies. He will proclaim himself to be God, and all must worship him as such.
  6. It is at this point, that whosoever does not worship him, and show their allegiance by taking his mark, will have their heads removed from their shoulders.
  7. He will rule like this for three and a half years, making earth a living hell for many.
  8. It is also during this three and a half years, that the God of Heaven rains down judgements upon the earth. This judgement is for all those who have taken the mark, and worship the "Beast."
  9. Many believe that before this Antichrist comes on the scene, God will have rescued His Church by catching it up to heaven, to be with Him. It will not have to endure the trials of this seven-year "tribulation period."
  10. At the end of the seven-year period, Jesus Christ will return with His saints, and will fight the Antichrist and his forces in the great battle, called Armageddon.
  11. The Antichrist is soundly defeated by Christ, and cast into the lake of fire along with the false prophet. At this point, Satan is chained in the great abyss for a thousand years, so that he might not deceive the nations.
  12. It is at this point, Jesus Christ sets up his kingdom, and reigns on earth from Jerusalem for a thousand years.
  13. At the end of this thousand years, Satan is released from his chains, that he might go out and deceive the nations.
  14. He is able to gather an innumerable force, as the sand of the sea, referred to as Gog and Magog. This assembled force from all over the earth, attacks the camp of the saints, i.e., Jerusalem.
  15. However, these satanic forces are unable to defeat the saints, because God rains down fire from heaven to consume them.
  16. Satan is then cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, that burns forever and ever. This is the last we ever hear of Satan, the Devil.
  17. God then conducts the judgement, assigning men their rightful place.
  18. Then, the old heaven and earth are burned up with fire.
  19. A new heaven and new earth are created, where a new Jerusalem comes down from heaven, wherein the saints enjoy eternal bliss in the presence of their God.

All the above is supposedly based upon the Scriptures, when "rightly divided." This phrase, rightly divided, is dispensational code for interpreting the Scriptures as Scofield does. Allow me to make an observation. Any time you rely upon one man for the interpretation of the Bible, this is no better than a cult. The only ones we can truly rely upon for proper exegsis of the Bible, is Jesus Christ and those He chose to write His Holy Word.

Not all Christians hold to the above scenario. I personally do not hold to the above, at least, not any more. However, there is one point in the above that is true. It is the first point, Point A.

There has been a cabal of internationalists working to establish a one-world government and financial system, under their control. This is no longer conspiracy theory, but is now out in the open. It began in earnest in the early part of the 20th Century. They sought to gain control of America's monetary system, through the creation of a central bank. They had a central bank in the US, twice before. However, both times they were shut down. In this third attempt, they were successful, when Congress illegally created the Federal Reserve. This put the creation and management of America's currency in the hands of a private, international corporation. The US Constitution places this power in the hands of Congress. So this move to give this power to another entity is in violation of the Constitution, and therefore, illegal. This corporation is owned and operated by international bankers. They successfully established central banks in almost every country on earth. Hence, the world's finances were under their control. This was the first major step in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Their first effort at world-government was directly after WWI, with the creation of the League of Nations. It was not the success they had hoped for. What they needed was another war, hence, WWII. After WWII, they created the United Nations, which is with us to this day. This particular subject is quite involved and takes us beyond the scope of the present writing.

What does the Bible say about this?

This is the question we will take up from this point forward. We have seen what Hollywood projects for us. We have seen what many Christians believe. We will discover something shocking. Just because many Christians believe something, doesn't mean it is what the Bible teaches. We want to see what the Bible actually says about the End of the world and the Last Days?